ABC’s – All About Me, me, me

3 08 2011

'Zephrine Drouhin' A Bourbon Old Fashioned Rose it was two years old then.

My friend Nell Jean sent me this little thing she called it “ABC’s – All About Me, me, me”, it was something someone else sent her and she personalized it for herself and posted it on her blog:

And she sent it to me and I’m going to make it my own right now and give it to you fellow gardeners, kinda like a passalong plant. I hope you have fun with it, I enjoyed Nell Jeans ABC’s and I hope you’ll enjoy mine and her’s too…..

A. Age:   Me I’m 62 years old and I never felt younger in my whole life. More alive or happier. I ain’t got as much money as I’ve had a time or two in my life. I’m one of the millions of folks on a fixed income now. But if millionaires feel as good as me when they get up in the morning for their first cup of coffee, well it ain’t the money then cause money ain’t what makes me happy or even gives me a sense of worth. Now I appreciate the value of money and I know what it can buy but I know what it can’t buy too and what it can’t buy I got plenty of thank the Lord……

B. Bed size:   Nell Jean said this for her B. for Bed, “Never big enough for all the plants and seeds I want to plant out.” Now me and her are just alike in many ways and this is one of them. If my father had really loved me, cared about me, my future he’d have seen into the future and bought a house with a bigger lot for it to set on so I’d have more room for more perennials, annuals, shrubs, vines, trees and what I always wanted, a little pond with a running stream running into it for the birds and critters to have somewhere to drink and bathe year round even when I’m in the hospital having every test known to mankind or having every medical instrument known in the medical field ether jabbed or crammed into me. But I digress fellow gardeners. we were talking about how size matters and it does but not in the way you’re snickering about Billy Bob but size matters when you want every darn plant in every catalog that shows up in your mail box and every plant you see at the nursery just when they put them out all nice and fresh and healthy….I want a big bed for all the plants of my dreams….And the bed in my bedroom that I share with my wonderful wife? None of your bees wax fellow gardeners……:-)

C.  Chore in the garden you dislike the most: That’s an easy one, having to come in the house when it gets so dark i can’t tell a rose from a radish. I hate it when I have to come inside…..I was born in a hospital in Atlanta, but really I was born for piddling in the garden with my plants, my flowers, roses, vines, you name it…….

D. Dog:  None  Cat: None  Birds: Everyone in the neighborhood  Butterflies:  All of them too….

E. Essential start to your day: Nell Jean said this, “Coffee and a stroll to inspect the garden.” You see that darn Nell Jean is hiding around here somewhere just to see what I do so she can do it too…..:-) She knows what’s important, so do I now……

F. Favorite color: Nell Jean said, Yellow, OK fellow gardeners Nell Jean is starting to freak me out…..:-) Me too, Yellow, Heck I had a canary yellow Jeep for years that was so yellow and sissy like a color I had to carry two loaded guns at all times with me  to keep the bullies from taking it away from me and sinking it in the creek behind Arthurs house at the water shed they built there. (Sorry an inside joke, I really did sink my Jeep in the creek behind Arthur’s house at Second Bridge. I didn’t need a bully to do it, I was stupid enough to do it myself…..:-))

G. Gold or silver: Nell Jean said Silver and I say Silver too and I’m going outside now to see if I see her car  is outside and her peaking in the window…..:-)

H. Height: 4’12″ Fellow gardeners guess who that is? Now guess who this is? 6′ 8″ You fellow gardeners are simple psychic…….:-)

I. Instruments you play: The pruner. I play a mean by-pass pruner either a Corona or a Felco……I play beautifully if you don’t mind me saying, just ask my hydrangeas…..:-)

J. Job title:  Head Gardener. Head Planter. Head Pruner. Head Waterer. Head Deadheader. Head Mulch Spreader and of course the thing I’m most proud of, I’m chief and head bottle washer, plate washer, cup washer, knife, fork and spoon washer and solely responsible for loading and unloading the dishwasher. Another words fellow gardeners, Chief Gardener and Bottle Washer…..; Retired from the world of business for good. I don’t sell plants, I don’t sell anything. If it grows and I got it to spare, you got it in your garden the next day if you want it……..

K. Kids: Well I got one step son David, one daughter in law Lee, one beautiful little smart, cute, creative step granddaughter named Marlee Kate and my favorite but don’t tell anyone, the littlest cutest, funniest, sweetest, amazingly huggable little girl named Maya…She calls me Paw Paw, I call her AMAZING. I also call her chicken cause it makes her laugh. I love to make folks laugh, always have, always will but to make children laugh,  mine, yours or other folks kids, well that is an amazingly satisfying thing…..

L. Live: Small Town USA, Small Town Alabama, Small Town Piedmont and I wouldn’t live anywhere else right now or ever I don’t think at this time in my life.

M. Mom’s name: Mama or sometimes I refer to her as, “Mama what in the world are you trying to do now?……:-))

N. Nickname: Paul From Alabama or years ago, I was known as “the tall fat guy in the canary yellow Jeep that rides around Borden Springs all the time, we don’t know what he’s up to but he looks like he’s up to no good. I mean who drives a canary yellow Jeep? He’s just weird that Daniels boy”…….:-)

O. Overnight hospital stays: Well 5 in my whole life, one they cut out the cancer in my throat, two they cut out the cancer in my throat, three the gave me every poison known to mankind to kill the cancer in my throat, chemo, radiation, the kitchen sink, four they gave me some blood cause my blood was doing a disappearing act. five they had me drink the foulest drink I ever tasted in my life that made me stay in the bath……..ah never mind, lets just say five times and forget the rest……..;_) Oh before i forget it.  Six. I passed out during a sex education class when they showed a film of a woman having a baby. I passed out cold with the arrival of the newborn’s head. After that I knew then and I know now, I’ll never become a gynecologist…..:-)

P. Pet peeves: Bullies,  cruelty to animals, children, older people, even older than me…….

Q. Quote from a movie: “I’m your Huckleberry” Tombstone. “You talking to me?” Taxi Driver. “Hey Chinino, over here” The Big Sleep.

R. Righty or lefty: Right handed though I can’t lift my left arm above my waist as the radiation killed the cancer in my throat as well as the nerves in the left shoulder that lets me lift my arm up….I could have decided not to have the radiation and my arm would still work but I’d be dead, so given the choice I talked to my wife and my mother and they decided for me to have radiation and live. Well my mother did, my wife couldn’t make up her mind to begin with. I wonder what that means fellow gardeners…….;-)

S. Siblings: I have a sister that’s just plain weird. I have a brother that’s so weird he makes my sister look normal……That’s all I care to say about siblings…….;-)

T. Time you wake up: Between 3:30 and 5 or so in the morning…..I take a nap everyday almost for an hour or 30 minutes maybe…..I take a nap now even though my granny has passed away years ago and so she doesn’t yell at me at the top of her lungs in front of all my friends anymore like she did when I was 4 years old and 40 years old too, “Paul, come inside, its time for your nap”……I miss my granny with all my heart and to have her back again, well I’d even let her yell at me again the same thing she yelled at me everyday of her life if was in hearing distance, “Paul, come inside, its time for your nap” I miss my granny terribly but I want her to know and be assured. I never miss a nappy poo……:-)

U. Underwear: what for?……:-)

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Boiled okra…….What vegetables do you like? Fried okra

W. What makes you run late: Not my wife and you can’t make me say it, no matter what you do to me I won’t say MY WIFE MAKES ME LATE ALL THE TIME…..:-)

X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, Throat. stomach, shoulder. brain (they didn’t find a thing, no cancer, no tumor, no brain….:-)

Y. Yummy foods you make: I make a mean salad and an outstanding Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich…..with my own maters or ones given me.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Orangoutang, they remind me of my little brother Ralph, NO, sorry, I didn’t mean that. My little brother Ralph reminds ME of Orangoutangs…..:-)

Good night fellow gardeners and good luck……

Paul From Alabama




4 responses

3 08 2011

Love you AND your blog! 🙂

3 08 2011

I love you too and wouldn’t even have a blog or even know a tweet from a twit if it wasn’t for your guidance but I’m a tweeting fool now, well a fool anyways…..:-)

4 08 2011
Carol Decker Chandler

Paul, I don’t know if you remember me or not but wanted you to know that each day I can’t wait to read your blog. It is so entertaining and I look forward to it everyday. Keep it up…….

4 08 2011

Hello Carol, of course I remember you. I’m crazy but I ain’t stupid….:-) I remember when you lived in the Formby house if I’m not mistaken, I always loved that house. And I remember your brother John, I always liked him and you had a sister I think, I remember you mother and father well, they were always so nice other than that I don’t remember you at all……:-) But no joke now, thanks so much for taking the time to read my little stories and I’m tickled you look forward to them so much. I look forward to writing them whenever I can because I just enjoy it too but mostly because of folks like you that are nice enough to take a moment to let me know if you do enjoy them or hey even if you don’t……:-) But its nice to hear from folks and makes writing the stories even more rewarding…….You have a wonderful week and weekend and I hope you keep cool and got some rain wherever you are now……On Second Ave.? Rain and clouds, thanks goodness……

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