The Cemetery At Borden Springs

3 08 2011



The Cemetery At Borden Springs

Cemeteries, when I think of cemeteries I don’t think of the people buried there as dead so much as I think about them in life. I used to go up to the cemetery at Borden Springs a good bit, the one belonging to the Church of Christ. Usually during the week when nobody was around. Now I ain’t a member of the Church of Christ up there or any other church, though I been to as many churches over the years as synagogues, Jewish places of worship. But the cemetery at Borden Springs is very special to me cause the folks that are buried up there, their physical remains that is are buried up there, well the folks buried up there are special too me. And when I go up to the cemetery it’s kinda like visiting my friends when they used to live in their houses, houses that I knew so well, as well as I knew the folks who lived in them…..If that sounds crazy, well fellow gardeners I been called worse than that before, heck my wife called me something worse just the other day when I broke her, well let’s not talk about that and maybe she’ll forget it and forgive me while she’s at it too…..:-)

But getting back to the cemetery, I never been scared of them, if its dark at midnight or first thing in the morning. I mean my granny always told me that, “it wasn’t the dead folks you need to worry about Paul, you don’t ever have to be scared of them. It’s the bad ones, the mean ones still running around you need to keep an eye on”…And she was right, my granny, she usually was right, except the time she told me,”You are as perfect a little boy as ever was and you’re going to grow up to be a perfect little man too”… Well she turned out to be wrong about that fellow gardeners, she missed that one by a mile……:-) But hey love is blind they say and in my granny’s case, well she was plum blind as a bat when I it came to her little grandson..God Love Her.

Now crazy or not. You know crazy is in the eyes of the beholder, kinda like beauty is. I used to go on one of my Jeep rides or hikes to the Rock House up on the back side of  Oakey Mountain (1932 feet high) well backside of Oakey depending on which a way you was looking….:-) And on the way back I’d stop at the cemetery to tell my old buddies Morris Hackney or Paul Lorrens or Leon Lorrens or any of my old friends or even acquaintances, about what I’d seen that trip up there that day. Any deer I seen and old moonshine stills I’d never run up on before, any hawks a flying around, any special birds I heard singing, sounds I’d heard while just standing still or sitting down up there on some ridge or creek side in some deep dark hollow….You see there’s lots of interesting sounds to hear in the mountains around Borden Springs, folks just don’t slow down enough to stop and listen to them. More’s the pity, their loss too. I’ve heard some beautiful things up in the mountains around Borden Springs, Oak Level and Esom Hill. I reckon some folks just “hear” better than other folks…..:-)

I got one more thing to tell you about in this little story of mine about the cemetery at Borden Springs, the Church of Christ and the folks who went to church there. I was riding in my Jeep one Sunday and by mistake, not thinking I rode up when there was a covered dish or some kind of eating and socializing event under the roofed area where the tables were. Now I knew some of the folks there and some I didn’t know on a first name basis but I’d venture to say fellow gardeners that everyone sitting there eating that day knew me. Let’s just say I was a “regular”, not at church mind you but I was regular site around Borden Springs back in the days, everyday……:-) Now I hope folks looked on me as hawk flying around, looking at all the trees, the wildlife, the creeks, the streams,the clouds above him but I sure hope they  didn’t think of me as a Buzzard though……:-) Flying around looking for easy pickings. It would break my heart to know that. I figure the ones that knew me knew what I was up to and knew I was just enjoying the area up there. I didn’t want to steal anything, burn anything, destroy anything, malign anybody or anything. I just wanted to be part of what all they had up there on my own terms but without hurting or taking anything from anyone else. Only thing I ever wanted from them folks up there was their friendship or I’d even settle for a wave howdy when I drove by, which I usually got from everyone. But I wanted none of their land on the cheap or their money (unless I won it fair and square in a 5 card stud poker game up there at someone’s house who will remain anonymous…..:-) Like I said I just wanted to feel I was a part of all that was up there, if only a small insignificant part…..and what happened next made me feel like I’d just won a million dollar hand at the poker game up there.

As I saw I’d driven up at the wrong time and didn’t want to interrupt a gathering like that with my presence but  one of my old friends hollered at me to come on over. I turned off my Jeep and got out and went over to say howdy. He gave me a glass of sweet iced tea before I could even say no thanks….I wouldn’t stay to eat anything cause I knew it just wasn’t Kosher let’s say for me to be there, though I was tickled to death I’d been invited to. You see I was a Jew. A Jew in a 100% Christian community, and a Jew who though it didn’t have anything to do with me being Jewish, I was an outlaw of sorts, well I was an outlaw to the core come to think of it…..I was in a business that folks up there aren’t ignorant of but that I knew a lot of the folks sitting at that table under that roof didn’t approve of at all. And for that reason and that reason only I was ready to go before I even sat down. But them folks at that table, they never even made me feel a bit unwelcome. Not because I was of a different religion than them or that I was involved in illegal activities right up to my ears at the time that like I said, most of them folks didn’t want to have anything to do with…..That day, and every day ever after I felt like I belonged up there and was welcome, welcome anywhere. I had friends up there already but I’m talking folks from all over the community now, regular hardworking folks, not outlaws like me. I’ll never forget what that glass of sweet tea at that covered dish dinner that day meant to me. It meant everything……

Paul From  Alabama




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3 08 2011

Paul, I love cemeteries and I’ve been addicted to Find A Grave website lately. I have a new hobby – photographing tombstones that people request on that website. I find it very rewarding – don’t ask me why- and visiting cemeteries always calms me.

3 08 2011

Hey you’re preaching to choir……:-) I just always seem to learn so much from the gravestones, about the folks buried there and about their families too sometimes…..I’m a “date” person, the older the better. something about older I just love…..Like I used to kid my buddies when they saw me with an archeology book in my hands all the time, “some of best friends have been dead for 3,000 years……:-) I also like the to checkout the flowers, plants, shrubs and roses at y, them women from Texas I think the grave rustlers or rose rustlers or something like that, that sounds really interesting…..Again thanks for visiting and I hope and I think its a tad cooler for you and your them pretty roses and hydrangeas you got than it is down this way, I hope so for your sake and your plants too…..

4 08 2011

104 yesterday! Very miserable but on the plus side, we got 2/5 inches of rain last night. I was very happy about that. Maybe it will cool down soon.

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