The “Law”

5 08 2011


                                                                                                                  The Law

I was reading some other posts today online and this old friend of mine who used to be the Chief Of Police here in Piedmont told us his grandfather was also the Chief Of Police here in Piedmont too, years and years ago…..I thought that was so interesting and such a good thing too. Good in the sense of a family being involved in community service in a way that for my money is about an important a “service’ as one can give his or her community. Those of you who know me in “real” life or even from the the little stories I write about here, know that most of my life I’ve been situated on the “wrong” side of the law for a long, long time. Not now I’m glad to say but the truth is the truth.

But one thing I can say with complete candor and truthfulness is I’ve always admired “law” men and women, criminal justice folks, prosecutors, investigators, judges, all of them that provide for the peace, safety, security for all of us and to give us all a chance to live, work and prosper in our lives within our society today, yesterday and tomorrow. Lord that was some sentence I just wrote there, don’t even know if it made sense but I bet most, of if not all of you know what I mean and agree with me for the most part. Not the part about me being on the other side of the “law” most of my life…..:-) I know that and don’t need you to agree with me too enthusiastically…..:-) But I never been more serious about the other part of what I said, the part about admiring the ‘law”.

Even when I was going through the criminal justice system I never hated the “law” or even disrespected what they were trying to do, do to me even then. They were upholding the law. And if they didn’t, if somebody don’t, well fellow gardeners we’d be in a pickle. I’ve known a lot of really good, very competent, and brave “law” enforcement officers in my life, some as good friends I knew growing up and some I knew who either were trying to arrest me at the time I was breaking the law and some I met after I got caught, arrested and prosecuted. Now have I met some folks in “law” enforcement that didn’t belong in “law” enforcement? Of course I have but they were the exception, a rare exception in my experience. “Law’ enforcement folks are folks just like the rest of us. They are the rest of us. Some, I’d say most make fine public servants we should be proud of and support. Support all we can.

Funny you know I’ve spent most my of life “looking” for the “law” but at the same time I always respected the job were doing. Traffic, drugs (which is what I was involved in), white collar crimes, theft, fraud, murder, terroristic threats, you name it, these “law” men and women deal with that everyday while the rest of us go on about our lives, hopefully good lives. I’m at one of the tricky parts of one of my little stories where I’m not sure where I’m going with this story but I know where I been with it and what I wanted to say, more or less…..And fellow gardeners, I reckon you’ll be the judge of how a good a job I did or NOT…..:-)

These days when I see a “law” car, I’m glad its there, I wish there were more of them. And that is weird typing that thought even now cause I spent so many years cringing whenever I saw a “law” car. I was usually up to no good and you could probably stop me any time night or day and get me for something…..I think I spent too much of my life, way too much “looking out”  for the “law”. But in all that time I never hated the “law” or had anything but the most respect for what they were doing even while I was doing something that put me on the other side of law about every day. I never understood folks who at the same time they were breaking the law, were provoking the law at the same time. Talking about how they hated the “law” and all this kind of bravado that just sounded silly to me and made no sense whatsoever…….

I’ve had some of  the most rewarding and interesting relationships in my life with “law” men. I always enjoy listening to them. What they think about their jobs, the challenges of being a “law’ man. What they wanted to do, what they were doing and what they’d done. I never met a “perfect” “law” man or woman but then I never met or knew a “perfect” citizen either. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all they do and all they try to do to make my life, our lives safer, better and more secure……To me, that’s a no brainer…

I see the news, I get out in the “real” world when I ain’t piddling in my garden and I read the papers. I know there is nothing between us and some real bad folks except the “law” and I say that knowing I was one of the “bad” men at onetime…..I didn’t consider myself dangerous but I was a law breaker none the less. But there are some mighty dangerous folks out there and the “law” deals with them or tries to 24, 7, 365 days a year. Boy I’m glad they do. And for my part they have my support and admiration. I even supported them and admired them when I was breaking the law but then fellow gardeners I always been kinda crazy anyways…..:-) But I wouldn’t want to be any other way, especially when I comes to what I think and feel about “THE LAW”…….

Paul From Alabama


Now you’d think some of my old moonshiner buddies, friends would be turning over in their graves at what I just wrote and posted on my blog, (and most of my old moonshiner buddies didn’t even know what a blog was or cared what it was probably) but you’d be wrong fellow gardeners. I never heard even one, I ain’t saying there wasn’t any, I’m just saying I never heard even one of my moonshiner buddies say anything about hating the “Law” or anything like that. They played what for them was a game I guess you’d say for lack of a better term and they were on one side of the “game”, the “Law” for them was on the other side. And when they lost the game, they lost, paid their debt to society and either went right back to making moonshine and got caught again or NOT or they just went on with their lives in some other capacity other than as moonshiners….All my life I’ve loved moonshiners. I mean I don’t even drink moonshine or beer or liquor or well really anything but I drink a glass of wine on the back porch  every now and then with my wife but that’s about it. And I know that some lives have been destroyed by moonshine, I know it but I still have loved the idea of being up in the mountains and making illegal liquor on some creek bank, GOOD MOONSHINE THAT IS, not some of the stuff some folks who call themselves moonshiners make, but the ones that took real pride in the product they made and sold or even gave away sometimes… With nothing between you and prison but the whole federal goverment (revenuers) after you…..I don’t know fellow gardeners I just always admired old time moonshiners and befriended them whenever I could but then I always befriended and admired the “law” too….So fellow gardeners, what to do? I don’t know either, just one of them strange things that make up my life, maybe you have some strange things that make up your life too…….If so don’t tell me about them, I got enough troubles with my own…….:)

Paul From Alabama




2 responses

7 08 2011
Rickey Doyal

Paul….honored to call you friend for a long, long, time. My daddy felt the same way about you. Rickey…..

7 08 2011

Same here buddy boy…..Funny some folks you just don’t forget, it’s like you can see them and hear them even after they’re gone, you father is like for me…….Thanks for reading the story and taking the time respond, I appreciate it…….

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