Little Story For August 8, 2011

8 08 2011

A Hummingbird Favorite Monarda didyma 'Jacob Cline'

Well fellow gardeners, I did it again. What did you say fellow gardeners?  “Paul From Alabama did you fall asleep in the middle of the road up in Borden Springs again? Did your Jeep catch on fire going down the old Borden Road again? Did you drive off with the gasoline pump hose still in your gas tank up at Young’s again? Did you…….” Enough already fellow gardeners, I’ll tell you what I did again if you’ll give me a chance and not rehash a few of my “little” mistakes, minor “glitches” I might have been been responsible for in the past but no matter what you say I’m telling  you it wasn’t ME asleep in the middle of the road, I was asleep ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IN SOME TALL GRASS like any normal person would be up in Borden Springs at 4 a. m. in the morning…..:-)

And as for my Jeep catching on fire on the Old Borden Road, why that could have happened to anybody.  Anybody that rode around with a gasoline can full of gas, a chain saw full of oil and gas, a stack of newspaper, limbs and sitcks that had fallen in my Jeep riding down pulp wood roads, and  then throwing a cigarette out that you thought might be dead but wasn’t into the back of your Jeep going down the road with all that flammable material in the back of your Jeep. Now if you did that, anybody did that, you might catch your Jeep on fire too!!! I mean it could happen to somebody else too, couldn’t fellow gardeners?…..”Sorry Paul From Alabama, absolutely NOT, only you”…..Well fellow gardeners, thanks, after hearing you say that I feel, well I feel kinda special…….:-)

Now today I wrote some new introduction for some photos from June of 2008 in our garden. Some tips for you fellow gardeners that are new to the game of gardening. If you play the game the right way, well mostly the right way, you win, if you don’t, well you win too I guess but you’ll get kinda tired of all the plants you plant in your yard dying off just about the time they’re supposed to bloom……I got a couple of suggestions for you that might help you enjoy your gardening and your gardens more. Don’t worry I’m not asking you to go Jeep riding with me up in Borden Springs in the middle of the night, I’m just trying to help along you’re gardening journey. I mean what could be so bad about that?  What could be dangerous about that fellow gardeners?  “Paul From Alabama, well nothing we guess but let us read your new little story first and look at your pictures before we commit to anything”……Fellow gardeners, that’s all I ask, read today’s little story, look at the pictures and descriptions and if your garden don’t look a 100% better by following my advice that I give to you in excruciating detail in the story, well I’ll reimburse you for any and all costs you might incur. Now how fair is that?….”You will reimburse us for any money we might waste following your gardening advice?” Fellow gardeners you have my word as a Gentleman of the South and if it becomes necessary to reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses you might incur following my advice well I send you immediately a post dated check on an out of town bank that you may cash at your convenience anytime after banking hours, I promise…..:-)

OK, here’s the today new story link and with all the free advice you’ll be able to stand from one person for one whole day….And today fellow gardeners IS YOUR DAY……:-)

And here is that link again fellow gardeners for you folks who have trouble following directions the first time, like me….:-)

Paul From  Alabama




6 responses

8 08 2011
(BloominChick) Jo

Nephew fell asleep on a split rail fence once. And Jeeps are widely known to get into all sorts of trouble of their own doing. Never operator error. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. 🙂

8 08 2011

You’ve made me feel much better about myself already, that’s a good trick…..:-) And thanks for taking the time to read my stories and for your comment too…..

8 08 2011
Garden Walk Garden Talk

Funny as usual Paul, but you set fire to your Jeep. Sacrilege, I say as a long time fellow Jeep owner.

8 08 2011

Glad you liked the story buy hey I didn’t set it on fire on purpose…..:-) It was kinda like what my granny used to say when making excuses for me when I was a bad little boy, “it was just one of those things”…..:-) And I love Jeeps. My wife and drive a Jeep Cherokee now and will till the wheels fall off and then? Whatever it is, it’ll get 40 miles to the gallon and I hope Jeep makes one…..:-) No joke, thanks for reading my little story and for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it. And before I forget it, I loved your Cottage District post, you folks got some nice gardens up North. And the houses, really nice and just like I like my houses, smallish. Beautiful photos too. Come back when you can…..

8 08 2011
Nell Jean

Dog days. that’s what is wrong. It’s Dog Days. They should be over momentarily.

8 08 2011

Nell Jean, nice to hear from you again. I been thinking of you. And as for Dog Days, phewwww, the other day was a real Dog Day but I have to say some of these showers we’ve been having around here the last few days in the evenings are sure welcome. I’m so tickled with them I just stay out and get wet too along with my plants, my mother doesn’t seem to understand though…..She don’t think like a plant…..:-) I hope you keep cool along with your plants and I hope you get some rain when you need it and sun when you don’t. You have a wonderful week Miss Prissy. Linda says howdy too.

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