13 08 2011

I may not look "blessed" but I am .......:-)

I know it’s hot as Hades outside and I know that some of you fellow gardeners are dying for some rain, well your plants are literally dying for some rain anyways. My heart goes out to you, no joke and no LOL (laugh out loud), cause I been there and done that. I wish I could send you some rain like I’d send you some email but I can’t……Now I been pretty blessed here in Alabama this year, we’ve got some rain off and on and the ground isn’t parched like some years about this time and my flowers are looking pretty good and really healthy if I do say so myself and I do, say so myself that is….And I feel pretty blessed today cause I’m alive and healthy sitting here on the back porch writing this little story for you and me. You see I write these little stories cause I enjoy writing them and it’s fun and I write them cause I hope you enjoy them and I hope it’s fun for you to read them.

And I feel blessed cause I got so much done today in our garden on what I knew was going to be a scorcher of a day in August. Blessed cause there’s butterflies flying all around everywhere today…Blessed cause I got so many birds that come to our garden everyday but seems like there’s even more today….Blessed cause I look out over our garden and it’s so pretty all framed in the little bit of freshly cut grass I got left.  Freshly cut cause I got up at 4 o’clock this morning and sat on the porch till nearly 5 when it was barely light enough to see what I was doing and then I filled all my bird feeders up, cleaned and filled my bird baths, cleaned my hummingbird feeders and filled them up (well I’m going to fill them up as soon I finish this little story..;-)) and then while I was edging the borders of my flower beds, I turned on that irrigation contraption that my buddy Jack Spears gave me to use in my garden. I set it up and let it run a few minutes in the few places that usually need a little extra help this time of year given the amount of rain we’ve gotten here lately. And I did all that and deadheaded my flowers too before 9 o’clock. And now? Well I just feel blessed that’s all…

Speaking of being blessed, my wife came outside about 9 o’clock and helped me clean the porch. We blew it off first with my leaf blower that’s so loud it’ll wake up the dead up at the cemetery on the hill about a quarter mile or so away from my house. How do I know that? Mental telepathy I reckon, I just know when I turn it on that folks up there are saying to themselves, “Good Lord Paul From Alabama, it’s early on a Saturday morning and folks are probably sleeping in your neighborhood still and we know we’re trying to sleep up here on cemetery hill”……:-) I don’t often hear from the dead but when I do I try to pay attention to what they say so I hurried up and blew the porch off and the grass clippings from around the containers around the porch and then shut the darn thing off. Shut that thing off before that nice, reasonable fellow that lives right behind me, Hank, came out of his house and took a shot at me…..:-) Like I said, I listen to the dead talking to me sometimes but I ain’t scared of them, but angry, irritated neighbors, well I’m kind scared of them fellow gardeners…..:-) So then Linda sprayed off the porch with some water and sprayed off the furniture too. And when she was finished doing her magic the porch looked so nice I was ready to sit out here till the Moon Flowers start blooming about dark thirty this evening…..:-)

Now I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today. I reckon I could have written another goofy story about something crazy I’ve done in the past, I seem to have a limitless supply of those fellow gardeners……:-)  But Linda said, “why don’t you just write about what you did today in the garden”.  A novel idea for a “gardening” blog I thought to myself ….:-)  But as always she was right. She sure seems to be right a lot. I used to wonder if that was a good thing or not but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just another thing to feel blessed about. Is your wife right all the time? Or is your husband right all the time? I hope so cause if he or she is you should  feel blessed too…..Now I ain’t kidding about feeling real blessed about my wife being right all the time. I’m serious about it, no joke.

Well she’s right 99% of the time anyways. And what about that 1% of the time when she’s not right? Exactly what are those things that she’s wrong about that 1% of the time. Well that fellow gardeners was what Linda asked me herself when I told her one time she was “right all the time, well 99% of time anyways” And what did I feel like when she asked me that? You know, feel like when she asked me what EXACTLY were those things she was wrong about that 1% of the time? Well fellow gardeners I can tell one thing for sure, I didn’t feel BLESSED……:-)

Paul From Alabama

Addendum: I just feel better when I catch up on all my “piddling” in the garden. Don’t you? But you never really catch up on everything do you?  Well not for long anyways, cause things change every single day in the garden….Cause of the passage of time, even one day, even just an hour sometimes….Cause of the weather….. Cause you see some things today you didn’t see yesterday and well fellow gardeners just “because”…..:-) And you know what else? Even if it’s hot as Hades today, I still feel good looking out over my garden and I feel blessed. And I feel really good and really blessed just looking over at Linda and just knowing that she’s my wife and I just love her and she loves me and well I feel good and blessed just “because”…. And if today, hot as it is, feels this good, this blessed, well just think how good and how blessed we’re all gonna feel when Fall gets here…..

Paul From Alabama




2 responses

13 08 2011
Lydia Plunk

Every day in the garden is blessed, indeed.

14 08 2011
Paul From Alabama

Sure is Lydia, everyday in the garden is blessed…..I enjoyed your “Why We Need Civid Beauty” too, was a good read…..

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